An Iconic Petaluma Property.

Our Best Chance to Save It.

We are the Kelly Creek Protection Project of Earth Island Institute, announcing the June 2018 launch of the Putnam Park Extension Fund to our community.

Now’s Our Chance

Petaluma’s Scott Ranch property is known for its open meadows and iconic red barns. The land is right next to Sonoma County’s Helen Putnam Regional Park.

For years, community members have fought to preserve this environmentally-sensitive and regionally significant open space from development.

Now’s our chance. The property owner, Davidon Homes, has agreed to limit – or eliminate – development on the ranch.

With your help, we can raise the funds needed to preserve this special land and make the necessary improvements to connect it with Putnam Park, improving access for Petaluma residents and protecting this one-of-a-kind open space forever.

Our Goal

To extend Putnam Park we need to raise $11 million to purchase the entire Scott Ranch or $4.1 million to purchase the heart of the ranch, wildlife habitat, and Kelly Creek watershed.

We already have over $3 million dollars.

Please join us!

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Yes! Please keep me informed about the plan to Extend Putnam Park.

Thank you! Together we can make it possible to extend Putnam Park.