Take Action

Show Your Support

Demonstrating community support for the combined park extension and limited 28-home development project to Petaluma City officials will be key to moving this exciting project forward.

Please show your support by speaking at the upcoming City Council meeting on February 27th.

Whether or not you plan to speak at a meeting, please consider submitting a letter to the Petaluma City Council through the form below. 

If possible, make edits to the sample letter to share your personal perspective. Letters submitted through this form will go directly to the City Council.

Here are some ideas for how to customize the sample letter below:

  • What neighborhood you live in and how long you’ve lived in Petaluma.
  • What you enjoy about Putnam Park, how often you visit, and how this park extension will enhance your access to the park.
  • What you like most about the proposed Scott Ranch park and housing plan. Things you might mention include:
  • Easier and safe access to Helen Putnam Park and the trails for all;
  • Permanent protection of 89% of the property;
  • Roundabout at the intersection of Windsor Drive & D Street;
  • Accessible parking lots;
  • Protection of endangered wildlife and habitat enhancements;
  • Preservation of the barns;
  • The need for housing of all kinds in Petaluma;
  • The addition of hundreds of new trees in the park and residential plans which adds another very valuable green canopy to Petaluma and helps fight climate change by sequestering carbon;
  • Significant expansion of a public park at no cost to the City of Petaluma;
  • Planned park amenities like the playground, restrooms, and picnic area;
  • The addition of much-needed “green” housing, with solar panels and low-water landscaping;
  • Anything else that comes to mind!
Small red wooden barn surrounded by lush green grass blowing in the wind, hills, trees, and a wire and wooden fence in the foreground. 

Yes! Please keep me informed about the plan to Extend Putnam Park.

Thank you! Together we can make it possible to extend Putnam Park.