About the Kelly Creek Protection Project

The mission of the Kelly Creek Protection Project (KCPP) is to support a community effort to protect the old Scott Ranch, a 58-acre parcel of land at the edge of Petaluma, California, from excessive suburban development. The property is a classic old ranch with threatened frog habitat, oak trees, and iconic red barns. The Project aims to expand the adjacent Helen Putnam Regional Park with a new trailhead for public access and preservation of the exquisite natural landscape, plants, and animals.

KCPP is led by Director Jared Emerson-Johnson and was founded by Petaluma residents Greg Colvin and Peter Cohn.

The Kelly Creek Protection Project is a project of the Earth Island Institute.

Earth Island Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides fiscal sponsorship, resources, training, technical assistance, and peer relationships to environmental activists looking for an organizational home and institutional leverage for their work. Becoming a fiscally-sponsored project is a strategic decision the Kelly Creek Protection Project made to increase our effectiveness, organizational durability, and greater capacity to do our work. Earth Island leverages the power of a network of diverse projects, the invaluable knowledge and influence of renowned leaders in the environmental movement, and the track record of a 35-year-old organization and experienced staff. They are home to projects on the forefront of the environmental movement utilizing strategies that are responsive to the social, economic, and political realities of our time.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Parks bring together people from every background to enjoy the outdoors. It is essential that public outdoor spaces are safe and welcoming to every member of our community. KCPP is committed to supporting efforts by the City of Petaluma, Sonoma County Regional Parks, and Sonoma County AG + Open Space to do the work needed to ensure our parks are a refuge for all.

Special Thanks…

KCPP would like to thank Paige Green Photography, Greg Colvin, Bruce Hagen, and Susan Kamprath for allowing this website to use their photographs of Scott Ranch free of charge.