A Plan to Extend Putnam Park

Restoring Habitat, Increasing Park Access

Thanks to extensive community support and unanimous project approval from the Petaluma City Council, the Kelly Creek Protection Project is in the process of purchasing 47 acres – more than 81% of the 58-acre Scott Ranch – for conversion into an extension of Helen Putnam Regional Park.

The Putnam Park Expansion Will Include:

  • A native butterfly garden;
  • Restored and protected historic red barn complex;
  • Accessible seating areas, an outdoor education area, and eco-friendly restrooms;
  • Multiple trails, connecting Scott Ranch to the rest of Putnam Park;
  • Visitor facilities and trails from the corner of Windsor Drive and D Street;
  • Native grasslands;
  • Restoration of breeding, foraging and estivation habitat for the California red-legged frog.
Map of proposed park extension and housing plan. Details include drawings of the proposed homes, new streets, riparian area around Kelly Creek, parking lots, and barn center. The map includes labels that show the two proposed infiltration basins, new trails, and other details.
Scott Ranch Area Map
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