Terms of Donations to Earth Island Institute/KCPP for the Putnam Park Extension Fund

The specific purpose of this donation is to extend Helen Putnam County Regional Park by purchase of most of the Scott Ranch land at D Street and Windsor Drive in Petaluma (44 acres), limiting Davidon Homes, the current owner, to building no more than 28 homes north of Windsor Drive and in the northwest corner of the property (14 acres). Funds not used for the purchase price may be used for improvements, operations, and maintenance of the parkland and for any and all efforts of KCPP to extend, expand, or benefit Putnam Park and its surrounding open space, while minimizing private development. Donations received on or after August 1, 2019 may be used to support KCPP’s administrative expenses associated with obtaining needed approvals and qualifying to close escrow on the acquisition of the parkland portion of the Scott Ranch property.

Small red wooden barn surrounded by lush green grass blowing in the wind, hills, trees, and a wire and wooden fence in the foreground. 

Yes! Please keep me informed about the plan to Extend Putnam Park.

Thank you! Together we can make it possible to extend Putnam Park.